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Hawaii Now Allows Out-of-State Patients to Buy Medical Marijuana

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The Hawaii Department of Health took its medical cannabis registry program to a new level with two innovations: opening registration for the first time to qualified out-of-state patients, and an advanced online system with an electronic registration card for qualified in-state and out-of-state patients. Qualified patients who register using the new system will be among the first in the nation to have the convenience of accessing their medical cannabis cards electronically.

The new system allows qualified patients to obtain an electronic registration card quickly and easily, often within the same day. The electronic registration card will eliminate the wait time for patients to receive their hard copy registration card in the mail. For many patients who rely on medical cannabis to treat their qualifying health conditions, time is of the essence.

“The introduction of Hawaii’s electronic medical cannabis card is a major step in improving access to medical cannabis for qualified patients in Hawaii and out-of-state patients in the 37 other jurisdictions where medical cannabis is allowed. These include 32 other states, four U.S. territories and the District of Columbia,” the Hawaii Department of Health said. “These patients may now legally obtain medical cannabis from any of the local licensed retail dispensaries while visiting the islands.”

Out-of-state patients must be certified in the medical cannabis program in their home state or territory and may apply online up to 60 days before their visit to Hawaii. On the application form, patients may request the date they would like their Hawaii registration card to become valid to coincide with their visit to Hawaii. The out-of-state registration card is valid for up to 60 days or until their home state or territory medical cannabis registration expires, whichever date comes first. Out-of-state patients may apply for a Hawaii marijuana registration card twice in a calendar year.

Application fees including processing are $38.50 for in-state patients and $49.50 for out-of-state patients. Register at

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