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Hawaii Marijuana Law

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HI Medical Marijuana Law

Hawaii residents with at least one qualifying medical condition can obtain a medical marijuana card.

In 2015, Hawaii passed a bill that allows for 16 dispensaries to open throughout the Hawaiian islands on July 15. By law, each dispensary licensee will be allowed to operate two dispensaries and two cultivation centers: six on Oahu, four on Maui, four on Hawaii island (aka Big Island) and two on Kauai.

Under Hawaii’s medical marijuana law there can be: One caregiver per patient and one patient per caregiver; one grow site per registered patient; no more than 7 marijuana plants, jointly between a registered patient and caregiver (all plants must be tagged); no more than 4 ounces of usable marijuana, jointly between a registered patient and caregiver.

Hawaii announced dispensary licensees in May 2016. Dispensaries are allowed to open anytime after July 15, 2016, but they still need to grow marijuana, so they are not expected to actually open till the end of 2016.

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