Tuesday , August 20 2019
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Hawaii Sees More Seniors Using Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Seniors

Elders in Hawaii are using medical marijuana more. One Vietnam veteran, Ron Van Clief, uses medical marijuana for pain and PTSD. Ron is 76-years-young.

Van Clief is just one of many seniors in Hawaii that would rather use medical marijuana than pills, according to KITV 4 News. Noa Botanicals works with a care home in Hawaii to help educate its staff about medical marijuana. The staff of the care center can only help educate its residents. It can’t administer or help patients take their medical marijuana.

Van Clief said, “When I leave the gym, I’m always sore. Medical cannabis helps with the soreness. I also have PTSD. I did two tours in Vietnam. I was a gunner in the helicopter. I manned an M-60 machine gum. I have a lot of bad memories from that.”

Brian Goldstein of Noa Botanicals said, “We see a lot of our patients using cannabis to help the aging process. We are working with one of the larger care homes in the state to help educate their staff.”

Most of the elder patients use edibles, topicals and tinctures. Smoking marijuana near buildings or in them is not allowed.

According to Noa Botanicals’ statistics, roughly 50% of its patients are over age 50. Goldstein expects to see that number increase even more.