Tuesday , October 23 2018
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Oahu Marijuana Lab Approved to Test Concentrates and Tinctures


More medical marijuana options will soon be available to Hawaii’s medical marijuana patients. The state’s only approved lab has received the green light to start testing other types of medical marijuana products. Sleep Hill Hawaii recently received the go-ahead to test marijuana flower.

For patients that want other consuming methods aside from smoking, this is the next step forward, reports Hawaii News Now. The lab has been busy since it gained approval to test flower. They’re testing for both dispensaries and patients who choose to grow their own medicine.

Michael Covington of Sleep Hill Hawaii said, “It’s another way to ingest the cannabis that’s more healthy. And it concentrates the cannabinoids and the potency of products so people don’t have to take as much.”

Covington also said, “Since we’re the only game in town right now, it’s been pretty crazy. We’re getting more and more product. We try to get everything turned around in a reasonable amount of time so the dispensaries can get their product to the patients.”

Sleep Hill is continuing with additional certifications to be able to test lozenges, topicals and capsules. They’re hoping for those approvals to come through in the next couple of weeks.

The health department is hoping for additional labs to be certified soon.

State Laboratories Administrator Dr. Christian Whelen said, “The other labs are also making very good progress on their validation studies as well. Hopefully we won’t be in a one horse race too much longer.”