Sunday , June 16 2019
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Marijuana Sales Coming Soon as Hawaii Approves First Testing Lab

Hawaii Marijuana Testing

The first lab to begin testing medical marijuana has been approved in Hawaii. Sleep Hill Hawaii was awarded the license.

This brings the state’s dispensaries one-step closer to being able to sell medical marijuana to patients, ABC News reports. Currently, t state’s 17,000 medical marijuana patients still have to grow their medicine or obtain it illegally from the black market.

Senator Will Espero said, “This is a big milestone, and it couldn’t have come any sooner, because many people within the industry were getting frustrated and a little angry at the time it has taken to get to this point. But now that we are here, hopefully the next phase in terms of sales will happen quickly and everything will go smoothly.”

It’ll take about four days for Sleep Hill to test and return results to dispensaries. A final inspection will be needed by the Department of Health (DOH before marijuana can be sold at dispensaries.

Aloha Green’s products have been ready to go for months, according to CEO James H.Q. Lee. They are hoping to have product to the lab this week. He said, “I think the patients will be happy.”

Maui Grown Therapies is also ready to begin testing. Teri Freitas Gorman of Maui Grown Therapies said, “We’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time, and now that it’s here, it’s very exciting news for us. Being on a neighbor island, there’s a bit of a logistical hurdle that we have to overcome, but we’ll overcome it.”