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Maui Grown Therapies Dispensary Aiming to Open in July

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Maui Grown Therapies is aiming to start selling medical marijuana by appointment only beginning on July 17. This is mainly dependent on final approvals of testing labs and other required approvals by the Department of Health.

Dry flower and other marijuana-derived products will be available, including oils, tinctures and capsules, Maui News reports. Patients signed up with the company on its website, and are registered with the state program, will be able to obtain their medicine from the dispensary. Those that are signed up already will be contacted to set up an appointment once sales begin.

Teri Freitas Gorman of Maui Grown Therapies said, “It’s very exciting for us, and we’re actively recruiting employees. We’ve been interviewing for several positions within the company, and we have our training program teed up and ready to go. We have a lot of patients looking forward to us opening as well.”

Sales cannot begin until Hawaii certifies a testing lab. PharmLabs Hawaii still needs to provide required documentation to the Laboratories Division of the Health Department before it can be certified. Studies validating THC along with initial validation testing for heavy metals, solvents, moisture content, solvents and microbial impurities are still needed by PharmLabs. When the studies are submitted, the state can move forward with an on-site audit for certification purposes.

Janice Okubo of the Health Department said, “The labs are progressing and gradually giving us documentation and materials. We’re anticipating them being certified this summer, but it really is dependent on them providing us with the materials.”

Okubo couldn’t confirm that sales will begin on July 17 but says the date seems reasonable.

She said, “We can’t predict what might happen from now until then.”

Pono Life Maui has submitted products to assist PharmLabs with its certification process.

Michael Takano of Pono Life Maui said, “We’re doing everything we can to help get the labs certified. With our cultivation program, we’re continuing to expand production and (provide) products to help get labs certified as well as refine our own products.”

Maui Green Therapies added DR. Donald Abrams to its staff in its Science & Medical Advisory Group.

Frietas Gorman said, “Dr. Abrams is definitely one of the leading experts and physician/researchers in the medical cannabis sector.”