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Actor Woody Harrelson Applies for Dispensary License

Woody Harrelson Marijuana

Hawaii plans to allow for eight medical marijuana dispensary operators across the islands. Movie star, business owner and marijuana advocate, Woody Harrelson, has filed a dispensary application in Honolulu County.

A total of 66 applications for dispensary permits were issued. All of the applicants’ names have been listed on the Hawaii Department of Health website, according to The Huffington Post.

The creator of the Tetris video game, Henk Rogers, also applied for a dispensary permit. Rogers is the owner of Blue Planet Foundation, an energy independence advocacy company. Other big local names, Dirk Fukushima and Charles Kawakami have also applied for dispensary permits.

In Hawaii, each dispensary owner is permitted to have two processing facilities and two retail locations, making the actual total of medical marijuana dispensaries to open at 16.

Breakdown of dispensary locations:

  • Oahu – 6
  • Hawaii Island – 4
  • Maui – 2
  • Kauai – 2

Hawaii medical marijuana dispensaries are slated to open in July. Hawaii was the first state to legalize medical marijuana using a legislative process. Laws are on the table for legalizing recreational marijuana in the near future in Hawaii.

(Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)