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Hawaii Governor Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession


Hawaii Governor David Ige has signed a marijuana decriminalization bill into law. The law takes effect on January 11, 2020. It will allow those in possession of 3 grams or less to receive only a fine capped at $130.

House Bill 1383 didn’t have the governor’s immediate approval, according to the Honolulu Star-Adviser.

The governor went back and forth several times before deciding to sign the bill into law. One of the things that Governor Ige wanted within this legislation was a provision for marijuana determent programs for Hawaii’s youth. That provision was not in the bill.

Ige said, “That was a very tough call. I did go back and forth on decriminalization of marijuana.”

It’s a very small amount, and law enforcement officials hinted to Governor Ige that “essentially, they will proceed the way they always have.”

This is a small step toward progress as efforts to legalize recreational marijuana were opposed by the governor.